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120 Degrees Beam Abgle energy saving square modern ceiling lamp

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Product details
  • Brand name:强辉
Supply Ability
  • Supply Ability:100000 pieces
  • Warranty(Year):1 Year

LED Lighting Advantage:

1. Brightness and Energy Saving Advantage: American and Taiwan LED CHIPS are used, which can make the light efficiency more than 90 lm/w. 90% more energy saving than incandescent bulb, 50% more energy saving that energy saving light.

2. Electronic Advantage: All the LED Lighting product adopt constant-currency input driver which can make the LED work constantly from 85V to 220V.

3. Heat Sink Advantage: All the LED Lighting product adopt Aluminum or magnesium Alloy as heat sink which makes the LED Chips work blow 60 ℃. Magnesium Alloy is the UNIQUE Technology of QH Lighting.

4. Certification Advantage: ISO9001:2008, CE, NOM, CCC, CQC Certification are available. All the product has more than 50000 hours Lifespan.

5. Customized Advantage: OEM & ODM are accepted. All quality level can be offered.

Product Details


LED ChipsLED ChipsEPISTAR SMD 2835 0.25W each
BRIDGELUX,CREE and chinese Brands are available
Light Efficiency100 LM/W
Color Rendering Index80
Beam Abgle120 degrees
FixtureFixture Size2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 Inch are available, Round and Square are available
Fixture MaterialAluminum  Alloy
Fixture ColourWhite
DriverDriver ModeConstant Current Output Driver
General SpecificationVoltage85V-300V
Lifespan50000 Hours 
Warranty3 Years
CertificationISO, CE, RoHS, NOM, SONCAP, CIQ, SASO
OEM&ODM ServiceOffered
Free SamplesOffered


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